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I am in South America from October 3rd until December 17th! I am spending the month of October volunteering in a child care center in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Then I have a month and a half to explore Ecuador and Peru!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deja Vu

Hello from Quito! Being back here in the city I spent the first month of my trip in feels like Deja Vu. I walk down the same streets I walked down before. I take the same busses I took. I take salsa classes at the same studio. I hang out with and see the same people. It feels like I never left. Like Peru was just a dream. But I have all these memories so I know I had to have gone. And when I walk down the streets of Quito I feel different. Somehow stronger? More relaxed? Happier? I am not sure if I could ever put my finger on it. But going to Peru sola, changed me somehow.

My whole 2 1/2 months went by quickly! All 75 days of it...

And here I am. On my last day in South America.

Today I stopped by the daycare for a visit. It was so great to see all of my kiddos! When they saw me they all started yelling "Tia! Tia!" and ran over to me to give me a hug.

And it was great to see the other teachers. My Spanish has improved during my month in Peru so now I could actually understand most of what they said and I could also communicate what was in my head. Spoon feeding the kids their lunches was such a familiar activity, it made me feel like I had not left. But then I talked with the teachers about Peru and what has gone on at the daycare and suddenly that month felt like years.

My flight leaves tonight (or should I say tomorrow morning) at 12:40. Half of me can hardly wait to get on that plane and head back HOME. The other half of me would like to skip the plane back and go back to Cusco.

But I know I am going to get on my plane. I am ready to go back home. I have had my dose of living out of a backpack and taking busses down dirt roads from town to town. I have had my fair share of illnesses as well as tastes of heaven. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world. I have experienced different cultures and seen people live happily in lives I couldn't have even imagined before. And now, my friends, I am ready to go home.

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